About Gingerly Skincare

Gingerly Skincare was created to fill a gap in the airbrush and sunless tanning market. 

As the owner and founder of The Glow Lounge airbrush tanning salons, Mollie Michura has insight into proper care of glowing skin.  She witnessed first-hand the negative impact of conventional skincare on spray tan application and longevity. Conventional body wash often contains harsh surfactants which strip away the skin's moisture barrier and leave behind an invisible soap residue. This residue makes sunless tan application less effective, with weaker adhesion of the tanning product. The result is a short-lived tan that may not fade evenly.  Conventional lotions contain ingredients which accelerate sunless tan fading and cause unevenness.

In Mollie’s search to provide her airbrush tanning clients the best and longest-lasting glow possible, she realized nature had the answer!  If we care for our skin with plant based ingredients, the result is a healthy, hydrated and long-lasting glow. 

Gingerly Santal Body Wash is formulated with gentle cleansers and healing aloe vera to nourish your skin, and rinses clean so your skin's canvas is able to accept airbrush, spray, and sunless tanner. Gingerly Santal Body Moisturizer is formulated with flower extracts and natural oils to seal in moisture, protect your skin's moisture barrier and extend the life of your sunless glow. As you relax into a moment of self-care with Gingerly, we hope you experience the magic of summer in your everyday life.